New Orleans Residents Might Need Physical Therapy if They Fall from a Ladder

Home improvement accidents send thousands of New Orleans residents to the emergency room every year, many of whom will need physical therapy to properly heal. This is a number that has increased dramatically over the years as more and more homeowners want to save money by doing repairs and restorations themselves. While fixing your own leaking pipes and replacing old light fixtures on your own will save you money, you are also at a risk for injury. There is nothing like 120 volts of electricity going through your body while perched high on a ladder to remind you of that.
While taking on these home repairs and improvement projects on your own is admirable, you need to make sure you are being as safe as you can. This means taking the necessary precautions before switching on that power tool or climbing that ladder. Here are a few tips that will help lower your odds of suffering an injury while working in or on your house.

First Aid Kit

If you are going to take on do-it-yourself projects in and around your home, you will be needing a proper first aid kit. We’re not talking about a Tupperware bin filled with old band-aids, expired tubes of Neosporin and duct tape, you need more than that.
Anticipate the bumps, scratches and burns with a first aid kit that has everything you could possibly ever need. You want a comprehensive first aid lit in a place that is easily accessible. This means it shouldn’t be mounted in the laundry room behind the washing machine.

The Right Clothes

When you are doing projects around the house, nix the fashion statement. Look, we understand you are a swell dresser and can’t fathom not wearing your blingy jeans while swapping out that light switch. But let’s face some facts, those blingy jeans or that metal bracelet are good ways to get yourself hurt. Watches, necklaces and loose clothing should be saved for the celebration dinner you will be having with the family at Applebee’s after you complete the task at hand.  

Follow Instructions

Power tools need to be used and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s warnings and precautions. And as basic as this sounds, you need to check and make sure that power saw you are using is turned off before you plug it in. At the end of the day, it is the silliest of goofs that will land people in the emergency room. While you might think you know how to properly use a drill, take the time to read the instructions first.  

Take Care of Your Tools

You take real good care of your electric razor and nose hair trimmer, cleaning them after each use and properly storing them, so don’t go and abuse your tools. You should never carry your tools by their cords or yank them out of the receptacle when you are done with them. When you are finished working for the day, you should carefully wipe down your tools and store them in a safe place.

Total Awareness

If you are working with others, make sure you know where they are at all times to prevent accidents. Also, be aware of anyone who enters the area in which you are working. Most importantly, keep pets and children away from the area you are working and away from your tools.

Safe Ladders

A sturdy and safe ladder is a necessity when doing work around the home. If your ladder is made of wood and handed down over the generations, then you need to go out and get a new one. And when you do, make sure you read the instructions before putting it to good use.