Some Workplace Injuries Could Land You in Your New Orleans Chiropractic Office for Physical Therapy

Depending on where you work and what you do for a living, there are a variety of hazards you might face. As a chef, you are subject to burns and cuts and as a construction worker, you could fall from a ladder or hurt your back lifting a heavy object. And while many workplace injuries are rather benign and don’t require treatment, some could land you in your New Orleans chiropractic office for physical therapy or pain management.
Slips, trips and falls account for the majority of workplace injuries and account for about 40 percent of all injuries. Here is a breakdown of reported worker’s compensation injuries.

Violence at Work

Attacks on others caused by office politics or other disagreements have led to some pretty severe injuries. Employee diligence in keeping an eye out for suspicious activity and workplace violence training are two ways to keep these types of incidents at bay.

Machine Entanglement

This type of injury is more common in factories where machinery and heavy equipment are used. Wearing protective equipment and paying attention to details are just a couple of ways to help prevent these type of injuries. It is also recommended you don’t wear loose clothing or jewelry when operating machinery.

Repetitive Motion

This is a less obvious type of workplace injury but it doesn’t make it any less harmful. Repetitive motions, like typing, for example, can cause strains in the muscles and pain. Staring at a computer for the better [part of the day for an extended period of time can cause problems with vision. The use of proper ergonomic equipment and employee training can keep these incidents down.

Falling Objects

Objects that are dropped by someone or that fall from shelves can cause some pretty serious injuries. Head injuries from falling objects are quite common. Personal protection gear, including a helmet, will go a long way in reducing the chances of injury when objects fall. It is also important to pay attention to what you are doing and your surroundings.

Reaction Injuries

Reaction injuries are injuries that occur when you stop yourself from tripping or slipping without falling. These types of injuries can be a lot more serious than you might think. These incidents are hard to prevent, but it is still critical that you pay attention to what you are doing and your surroundings at all times.

Waking Into Injuries

Though it does sound rather funny, many workers are hurt each year walking into objects. Knee, neck and foot injuries are common when someone accidently runs into a concrete wall, door or table. Again, pay attention to what you are doing and always be aware of your surroundings.


Falls can happen from roofs, ladders or other elevated places. The majority of these injuries occur when someone slips or falls accidently due to faulty equipment. These incidents can be reduced with the proper training and employee diligence.

Vehicle Accidents

Auto accidents are another way employees get hurt. Safe driver training will reduce accidents.