Workers' Compensation

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Injured On The Job?

If you have been injured on the job, you may be eligible for workers' compensation.

Workers’ Compensation, or Workers’ Comp., is a form of insurance that provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees that are injured in the course of employment. Workers’ Compensation provides four major disability compensation programs: Wage Replacement Benefit, Medical Treatment, Vocational Rehabilitation, and other benefits. The purpose of Workers’ Compensation is to pay benefits that help with an injured employee’s medical treatment, missed wages and rehabilitation so that s/he can return to work safely.

Did you know that you have the freedom to choose your treating physician?

An injured worker has the freedom to choose his or her treating physician. You may also switch from one specialty of care to another without having to seek approval from the employer or insurer. LA Health Solutions is a multi-disciplinary facility that provides a variety of services from Chiropractic and Physical Therapy services to Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, Orthopedic, and Interventional Pain Management services. Our team will ensure that our patients receive the right treatment plan that includes both non-surgical and surgical options that are all available and coordinated by our experienced team.

95% Workers' Compensation Claim Approval Rate

We have experience with Workers' Compensation benefits and requirements for approval.

LA Health Solutions has a team of doctors, surgeons, therapists and support staff that have many years of experience helping people receive the care needed to return to work safely. Our team has extensive training and experience navigating the complex guidelines of Louisiana Workers’ Compensation. We are proud of our 95% approval rate for Workers’ Compensation claims. This means our patients are receiving the treatments they need without having to settle for less. We will fight for the treatments that are in the best interest of our patient’s care which means our patients can focus on getting better.

We Will Fight For Your Treatment

Our goal is to ensure that our patients receive the necessary medical treatment immediately.

LA Health Solutions is a multi-disciplinary facility that offers a wide variety of treatment options. We will coordinate and manage our patient’s treatment plan for them. Our physical therapists, chiropractors, and surgeons work hand-in-hand to give every patient the specific care needed. The LA Health Solutions’ team will schedule appointments directly with the patient for each stage of the treatment plan, coordinating the entire treatment team’s schedule so that the patient can focus on getting well.

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We Are Your Health Advocate

LA Health Solutions is part of your team fighting for your health.

Workers’ Compensation statutes are designed to ensure that employees who are hurt or disabled on the job are not required to pay medical bills related to the injury that occurred on the job. Unfortunately, some claims are not approved and an employee will need to hire an attorney to help facilitate the approval. The LA Health Solutions’ team will work with your attorney to help ensure you receive the treatments and benefits you deserve. Because we have years of experience and a 95% approval rate for Workers’ Compensation claims, LA Health Solutions is the best choice to join your team to help you receive the approval for your Workers’ Compensation claims.

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