Your New Orleans Pain Management Clinic has a Few Ways in Which People Over 50 Can Stay Fit

Life priorities change by the time you hit the age of 50. At this age, you have years of personal and professional pursuits behind you and most of you desire a life that is slower and easier. This means that physical fitness is often neglected. You see, at this age, it’s all too tempting to have a pizza or moo shu chicken delivered to your door than to walk to the local market or to take a break from walking the dog every day.
Hitting this landmark age is no reason to neglect your body. In fact, it is a good time to step things up a bit. Think about it; 20 years ago, you were chasing children down at the grocery store, hitting the gym three times a week and jogging a mile before work every day. Now, we aren’t suggesting you need to train for a triathlon to keep fit, but your days should be spent doing something more than scrolling Netflix.
Granted, you have reached that age where aches and pains are more frequent and you aren’t as flexible as you used to be, but it is still in your best interest to stay fit. Your New Orleans pain management clinic has a few ways in which people over 50 can stay fit.


As you age, muscles tend to become rigid and stiff, making even everyday tasks just a little more difficult. So it makes perfect sense to employ regular stretching sessions, even doing so during your daily chores. That is, you don’t have to go through a stretching routine before you start your day, just make sure you pay attention to your back and hamstrings while you go about your daily business.

Head Outdoors

While it’s tempting to stay indoors and huddled under an afghan, you really do need to go outside. Research shows that men and women over the age of 50 who exercise outdoors are more likely to exercise on a regular basis. There are several reasons for this; for example, outdoor exercise is very enjoyable, with the fresh air and pretty views, which is why it is easier to commit to.

Do Something for Others

Don’t be selfish, volunteer for a worthy organization. If you think you have problems, volunteer for a children’s hospital or a VA hospital and you will get your problems into proper perspective. Not only that, you are doing a good thing that will make you feel great about yourself. Plus, it gets you out of the house and on your feet.


Turning 50 does not mean you have to give up on all the things in life you enjoy. You can still eat chocolate cake and drink beer, just do it in moderation.

Try Something New

It is all too easy to get stuck in an exercise rut. And while going for a walk or lifting some weights is healthy and perhaps even enjoyable, you should mix things up a bit. A new form of exercise will challenge your body and offer amazing health benefits.