A Workplace Injury Could Land in a New Orleans Chiropractic Clinic for Pain Management Therapy

“It is better to be careful 100 times than to get killed once.”
This quote from Mark Twain holds very true to those in the workforce who are at risk of injuries. Consider this little fact: 80 percent of all workplace accidents are ultimately the fault of the person involved in the incident. What does this tell us? It tells us that workers aren’t being careful and taking the proper precautions to ensure their safety and the safety of others. It might be that they are just too lazy or just don’t care as well. Maybe they would care if a workplace injury landed them in a New Orleans chiropractic clinic for pain management therapy.
Some workers have the attitude that they do their jobs every day and they don’t need to waste their time on tedious things like precautionary measures and inspections. Many workers seem to find things to blame when a workplace accident occurs rather than discovering the root cause of the problem. here are several common causes of workplace accidents.


It’s great to have a lot of confidence, but it can be a bad thing to have too much confidence. Some workers go throughout the day with an attitude that no ill fate will come to them. This instills an attitude that leads to incorrect methods and procedures when working. It’s quite alright to work with confidence, but keep in mind that you are not less prone to injury than anybody else.


Many of us are lazy by nature and will take shortcuts when given the opportunity. But when somebody takes a shortcut at work, especially when working with harmful chemicals or dangerous machinery, they are increasing the odds of an accident, a potentially deadly accident. A shortcut on the job is not a shortcut but a risk of injury.

Failing to Gather All Necessary Information

You may be the type of person who buys an unassembled bookcase from Ikea and throws it together after merely scanning the instructions. Of course, you wind up with three extra pieces when the project is complete and you are forced to take it all apart and start over. When workers began a project with just some of the information or half the instructions, they are basically doing the job blind. It’s not stupid to ask a lot of questions before starting a major project, it is stupid not to.

Lack of Housekeeping

If someone walks through your workplace, they can get a pretty good idea of your attitude towards safety. Housekeeping is a good indicator of a company’s attitude towards production, quality and worker safety. Good housekeeping leads to heightened safety and sets a good standard for everybody else.

Mental Distractions

We are all slaves to our emotions, but when we let them get in the way of our job, it can affect performance and increase the chances of an accident.

Not Following Safety Procedures

Deliberately neglecting safety procedures endangers you and those who work around you. You are paid to follow procedures, not ignore them.