Your New Orleans Chiropractor Encourages You to Experience All That Nature has to Offer

It doesn’t take a neuroscientist with people hooked up to brain scanners to know that we all benefit from spending time outdoors. Being outdoors is good for you, a whole lot better than sitting on your couch binging on Netflix.
As humans, we are drawn to nature, we feel better when we spend time in gardens, forests or parks. We have a desire to connect with nature, be as one with the birds, trees and mountains.
So, when was the last time you went outside? And no, we don’t mean that time you walked to the mailbox, we want to know the last time you went outside for the purpose of being outside. There are many people, far too many, who can’t honestly answer that question with a recent date. The “great outdoors” is something that is often talked about, in kind words of course, but it’s also something many of us want to view from afar. It’s something we want to see from the comfort of our homes, but not actually participate.
It’s wrong to think of nature as a monthly visit to the park or the occasional frolic through a field. By neglecting nature and not making it a part of our habitat, we are missing out on the health benefits. Not only that, we are probably experiencing some negative aspects.
The bottom line is that studies have shown that spending time outdoors leads to happiness and better health. And if you think having a glass of wine on the patio or walking Fido around the block counts as an outdoor experience, well, you would be wrong. Your New Orleans chiropractor encourages you to experience all that nature has to offer including mountains, beaches and snowy fields.

Nature Will Relax You

The modern lifestyle we lead is a pretty hectic one and we tend to let stress build up and go unchecked for long periods of time. In fact, being totally stressed out is the norm. Spending time outdoors, quality time, gives us a feeling of relaxation, which helps us combat our anxieties and stresses.
All it takes is a walk through a park or along the river to de-stress and feel better about things. It’s a lot better than staring at the nature scenes you have as a screensaver on your computer.

It Makes You Happy

Downing a glass or four of wine after work will boost your mood, but it’s not a healthy approach to achieving happiness. Studies have shown that activities in nature make us feel happy. In fact, we feel happier performing activities outdoors than we do performing the exact same activities indoors.

It Will Boost Concentration

Studies show that a stroll along the river can actually improve brain function as well as mental focus. One particular study showed that backpackers scored 50 percent higher on creativity tests after spending days in the wilderness with no electronics. Basically, burying yourself in your laptop won’t get rid of that writer’s block that is keeping you from writing your much-anticipated novel.

Vitamin D

Spending time in natural light gives out bodies the chance to soak up plenty of vitamin D. And even though we can obtain this important nutrient from foods like cheese and salmon, we get at least eighty percent of it from the sun. This is important because vitamin D helps ward off heart attacks and may even fight off certain types of cancer.

Air Pollution is Worse Indoors

Indoors, you are exposed to things like carbon monoxide, vile chemicals, pet dander, mold, dirt, dust and a whole lot of other nasties. Opening the windows will help, but it’s best for your health if you go outside more often.