Avoid Physical Therapy in New Orleans by Playing a Safe Sport Like Disc Golf

As you are receiving physical therapy in New Orleans for a nasty football injury, you might want to think about sports you can play that are a bit safer. After all, you don’t have to risk injury to get exercise and have fun. For example, you could play disc golf.
What is disc golf you might ask?
Disc golf follows the same general rules as traditional golf, with competitors completing an 18-hole course with the fewest number of strokes. The obvious difference is that discs are used instead of a golf ball and golf clubs. The second obvious difference is that targets are elevated metal baskets instead of holes in the ground. But other than that, rules, etiquette and terminology are nearly identical.
Well, there are other differences worth noting. Disc golf is usually played in a park and in a more relaxed setting, and for the most part, it is free to play whenever you want, there are no green fees. And just because it’s free, it’s no less fun or addictive than traditional golf. Not only that, it offers many great benefits.

Boosts Energy

Getting up off the couch and out to the disc golf course to throw on a regular basis can make you stronger and build up endurance. Your heart and lungs become more efficient and you feel good about yourself because you no longer feel tired and sluggish.

Better Sleep

All of that exercise you get walking around the course and throwing the discs will wear you out. You will fall asleep faster, easier and get a more restful sleep.

Physical Fitness

One of the most obvious benefits of disc golf it that it gives you plenty of exercise. You can expect to walk close to three miles or over 5,000 steps per 18-hole round. You will also be spending your time throwing discs and bending over to pick up discs. Disc golf is also low impact and a sport in which you are not as likely to suffer an injury.

Fun for All Ages

Disc Golf is an ageless sport where people of all ages can play. It makes for a great family outing as people of all levels of skill ability and all levels of health can play together. And because most courses are free to use, it’s a sport that won’t break your bank if you have a big family. Just imagine how much it would cost to take a family of five to the golf course for 18-holes.

Social Benefits

Disc Golf is primarily a group activity and is a great opportunity to interact with other like-minded folks. Disc golf can also be played alone and is a great way to give yourself some much-needed alone time in a positive way.

Fresh Air and Beautiful Scenery

The majority of disc golf courses are located in parks or other areas where grass and trees are abundant, a great way to get in touch with nature. Disc golf is played primarily outdoors so you are sure to get plenty of fresh air.