Valentine's Day is Not Known for Being a Holiday Where You Have to Pay a Visit to Your New Orleans Chiropractor

Valentine’s Day is not known for being one of those holidays where thousands of people wind up injured and have to pay a visit to their New Orleans chiropractor. Emergency rooms expect increased traffic on Independence Day and New Year’s Eve, but certainly not on this romantic holiday. It seems an unlikely event that you would overdose on chocolate candy as opposed to getting hit by explosive fireworks being involved in a drunk driving incident. But on this day when love fills the air, there are people who will wind up in the emergency room with an injury.

Chocolate Ring

This has happened more than once to be sure. An emergency room doctor recalls a woman who swallowed her engagement ring which was hidden in a chocolate mousse. Apparently, she was either rather hungry or really, really likes chocolate mousse. In any case, she was thrilled to be engaged and get her ring back after a few days.
Our advice to you is to take small nibbles of anything make with chocolate to reduce the risk of swallowing your engagement ring.

Jump for Joy

Some people can’t help but get too enthusiastic over the holidays, even on Valentine’s Day. When people get too excited, they do things that put them at risk for injury. For example, the woman who is so excited after accepting a marriage proposal that she jumps up and down so hard she breaks the heel of her shoe and fractures her ankle. These types of injuries are quite common on Valentine’s Day.

Risque Business

One activity responsible for a number of injuries every Valentine’s Day is, well, we think you know what we are talking about. Valentine’s Day is often celebrated by a romantic interlude that can result in an injury. For example, it is not uncommon for emergency rooms to be filled with lovers who suffered an injury hitting the headboard a little too hard. We guess more than just a condom is needed for safe sex.


Valentine’s Day is the day when people who don’t have a significant other are reminded of how alone they are. It is a day of depression for many. Unfortunately, many people who get depressed on Valentine’s Day try to drown their feeling with alcohol, which puts them at a higher risk of an injury.

Let’s Dance

Valentines Day is the one day of the year when you might actually dance with your partner. But when someone suggests to go out there and “break a leg,” sometimes it is taken quite literally.

Light My Fire

You might think a whole bunch of candles set the mood on Valentine’s Day. Just remember to be safe and don’t get burned. Also, blow those candles out if you are going to leave the room, even if it will only be for a little while.

Romantic Dinner

If you are preparing a romantic dinner at home, pay attention to what you are doing. A kiss could distract you and you will cut more than just those carrots.