Physical therapy in New Orleans helps people of all ages who have an illness, medical conditions or injuries that limit their ability to properly function. A customized physical therapy program can help patients return to normal levels of function and movement. It also encourages lifestyle changes and activities that can help prevent further injury and improve overall well-being. If you were wondering why physical therapy is so important, here are a few reasons it could benefit you.

Reduce Pain

Physical therapy, more specifically, joint and soft tissue treatments, can help relieve and possibly eliminate pain. These very same treatments can also restore muscle and joint function and help keep pain from returning.

Improve Mobility

If you are finding it rather difficult to walk, stand or even move, physical therapy can help. We implement stretching and strengthening exercises to help restore your ability to function better. A custom individual care plan will help you reach your goals.

No Surgery

If physical therapy is successful at reducing or eliminating your pain and increasing your range of motion, then surgery will not be needed. But even if you still need to have surgery, you will go into it stronger and in much better shape, which will help you recover quicker and easier. Think about the time and money saved if you don’t have to have surgery.

Prevent Falls

If you are at an elevated risk for falls, there are therapies that help improve your balance. Improved coordination is another benefit of physical therapy and results in safer walking.

Manage Disease

A heart attack patient receiving physical therapy can improve daily functioning through conditioning and breathing exercises.

Age-Related Issues

As we age, many will develop arthritis or need a joint replacement. Physical therapy helps people recover from joint replacement and helps them manage arthritic conditions as well.