Tips To Prevent Injuries on Halloween Night

From the loads of candy to the extravagant costumes, Halloween is always a blast. However, with all the distractions, you should never ignore the dangers that may shatter the magic of this spooky fun-filled night. For most Halloweeners, the goal is to load up their buckets to the brim with candy, but when a costume inhibits a range of motion: Halloween celebrations have been known to be cut short. Here at LA Health Solutions, we know pain-management, but we also want to help you PREVENT injuries and pain. Here are some tips to help lessen the risk of injury this Halloween.
Wear Comfy Shoes
This is a no-brainer but when you are on your feet a lot you should wear supportive and properly fitting shoes when walking long distances and trekking across uneven ground.
Avoid Restrictive Costumes
Costumes or accessories that drag on the ground or restrict full range of motion can increase the likelihood of stumbles and falls, so be sure these items are fitted appropriately. Consider wearing the costume prior to your halloween night to test the mobility.
Keeping the muscles flexible and strong help maintain range of motion in the joints. Be sure to always stretch before any physical activity. Here are some stretches you can try!
-hamstring stretch
-calf stretch
-groin stretch
-shoulder roll
-toe touch
Stay hydrated
Before, during, and even after trick-or-treating, it’s important to stay hydrated to keep the muscles working efficiently and effectively
Avoid obstructive masks or eyewear
To avoid slips, trips and falls, masks and eyewear need to allow for full vision.
Here at LAHS, we know how easy it is to injure yourselves. We hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween!