Louisiana Workers Compensation for Service Industry Employees

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Louisiana Workers Compensation for service industry workers can be confusing. A vast portion of the job market is in the service industry, and within the food industry, there is a wide variety of jobs. Someone working as a head chef in a five-star restaurant has a very different work experience than a teen working for minimum wage at a fast-food establishment.
However, all workers in the service industry have common potential risks that they face and could potentially get hurt or even killed on the job. Most employers carry workers compensation insurance that protects their workers from having to pay for treatment out of their pocket in the event of an injury. Here at LA Health Solutions, we pride ourselves on our willingness to help workers compensation patients. There are risks that exist across the entire field of the service industry and are dangers that every single restaurant employee could encounter. These risks include:
Injuries caused by lifting or balancing heavy trays
Injuries caused by lifting and moving tables and chairs
Injuries caused by reaching across tables to serve or clear
Injuries resulting from workplace violence such as an employee dispute or robbery
Burn injuries from the stove, dishwasher and other appliances
Burns caused by faulty electrical appliances or damaged/worn electrical cords or wiring
Exposure to hazardous chemicals, toxins or car exhaust fumes
Noise pollution
Injuries while delivering food products, including injuries caused by auto accidents
Illnesses due to toxic exposures
Slip and falls
Cuts and lacerations
Getting hurt can put you out of work for an extended period or even result in the end of your restaurant career. Workers compensation covers a broad range or injuries, including those sustained off-site when doing required work and illnesses and repetitive stress conditions caused by the job. Once a workers’ compensation claim has been made, the insurance company representing the employer will review the information, and if your claim is approved, you will have all of your medical costs covered. Remember, if you are unable to work, you will receive temporary or permanent disability.
LA Health Solutions urges you to consider us for all of your workers’ compensation needs. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced health professionals that will help you heal completely from your energy. While other health services turn away workers’ compensation patients, we will welcome you with open arms.