Holiday Festivities From Thanksgiving To New Year’s

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it is time to address any back pain you may have earned from all of your cooking efforts. Most of the Chefs spent the days leading up to Thanksgiving standing in the kitchen stirring, chopping, mixing, and cooking the turkey day meal. It’s a great day for connecting with family, even virtually, and catching up on everyone’s lives. But, it is also prime time for triggering body aches and pains.

Thanksgiving is really just the pre-game warm up for the rest of the holiday celebrations from shopping, cooking more special meals, and the general sugar overload form all the holiday baking. Take a moment and consider taking your time before you strain your back from all the work. Remember there is still a lot of future merriment coming in December. The LA Health Solutions Team has put together a list of tips and suggestions to help keep your back ready for the tasks ahead.

Holiday Health Tips

The Cooking

Thanksgiving and Back PainMake sure that you watch your posture and body weight distribution –  If you spend hours hunched over your Thanksgiving Turkey or putting weight on only one leg while cutting carrots, you could cause back pain. Be very careful when pulling out heavy items from the oven, especially the turkey.

Take Breaks & Ask For Help – It is okay to take it slow in the kitchen. Have a seat at the kitchen table and take a walk around the block in the fresh air stretch your back. Consider asking for help from family and friends. Remember, kids love to help with the mixing, especially the desserts.

Wear Good Shoes – There is always time to put on the high heals when the party starts, but until the cooking is complete in the kitchen, wear your tennis shoes or other shoes with support. If you are wearing bad shoes, they may cause back pain.

The Table

The holidays are filled with lots of food. The key is not to overeat. Thanksgiving is normally the day that starts the yearly tradition to holiday overeating. Unfortunately, all of those extra calories lead to extra weight. Even if you did overeat on Thanksgiving, it’s okay. But, now tty to fit in some fitness time.

The Workout

Get moving with friends and family. The best day to start moving is definitely Black Friday. If you enjoy shopping, head out to the mall and start walking. Walk to every single store in the mall. This can be a real fun way to work off those Thanksgiving meal calories. If you do not like shopping or don’t feel comfortable going out in crowds, take some time to walk around the block or even head to City Park or Lafreniere Park for a lovely walk or run.

The Couch

Make time for some sleep. Sleep is essential for surviving the holidays. Sleep also plays a very important role in good health. Getting enough quality sleep can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life and safety. Sleep deficiency can increase risks for obesity, heart disease, blood pressure and even strokes. Also, be careful falling asleep on the couch. You can actually strain your back muscles while watching TV for long periods of time or falling asleep in a bad position.

Your back health is an essential part of living a healthy and happy life. Whether you have been recently injured or have had tension building over the past years, make sure you take the time to take care of your health. Chiropractic work does help a variety of people gain relief from uncomfortable pain. At LA Health Solutions, we provide specialized treatment customized to fit your specific needs.

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