Weather & Joint Paint

Weather Joint Pain (Man with Knee Pain)

Does Weather Affect Joint Pain?

Your grandmother may have been correct when she said she could feel a storm coming in her knees. She may also have felt increased pain in her joints when the temperature dropped. Scientists have conducted many studies on joint pain and weather over the years, but so far, there is no conclusion on the connection. However, certain types of joint pain, like arthritis, seem to be sensitive to changes in the barometric pressure.

Barometric Pressure & Joint Pain

Barometric pressure is the pressure of the air. As the cartilage that cushions the bones inside of a joint is worn away, nerves in the exposed bones might be affected by the changes in the pressure. Changes in the barometric pressure may also make the tendons, muscles and even scar tissue expand and contract which may result in joint pain. Low temperatures can also make the fluid inside joints thicker which may make them feel stiffer.

Cold Weather Lethargy

When it gets cold outside or even on rainy days, many people tend to stay inside and lounge around all day. The lack of movement can cause stiffness and additional pain, but there are still plenty of things you can do at home to help relieve the joint pain. When temperatures drop, try to stay warm by dressing layers, taking warm showers or baths, adding additional blankets at night, and even increasing the heat inside your home. Try not to strain your joints by lifting heavy items, but still take the time to stretch. Try adding gentle exercises during the day, and make sure you keep a healthy diet. If your joint pain persists, consider contacting LA Health Solutions. LA Health Solutions offers  a variety of services including chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, laser therapy, and interventional pain management.

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