Workers' Compensation

Our workers’ compensation doctors greet you with open arms, providing you with the care that you need.

Why fight this fight alone? We are here to serve You!

Our staff gives you the care you need in order to reunite with your family and return to work. We have undergone extensive training to understand the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation guidelines, and we are in the best position to fight for what is right for YOU. We are the best solution when it comes to choosing workers’ compensation because our physical therapists and chiropractors work hand-in-hand in order to give every patient the specific care they need. Let our workers’ compensation doctors be your choice, and we will make you and your family our number one priority!

LA Health Solutions takes pride in the fact that we have a 95% approval rate. This means our patients get the necessary medical treatment immediately, essentially skipping the lines other physicians’ would make you wait in.

If you are a hard working individual in the state of Louisiana that has suffered an on the job injury, then you have come to the right place. We are the physicians’ group that will fight for your treatment. You are our main focus day-to-day. People work to provide a comfortable standard of living and a better future for themselves and their family, but what if that ability to work is taken away from you and your family in that one instant. That is where LA Health Solutions and our workers’ compensation doctors come in.

For many people, such injuries can have devastating consequences regarding their ability to work, severe loss income and financial difficulties, pain and overall well-being and difficulty obtaining medical treatment. This inevitably will lead to problems at home. While the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation system is supposed to provide for certain benefits to an injured employee we have learned firsthand that the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation system quite often does not work the way it is supposed to work. With that being said, we will work even harder by coordinating with your lawyers and do all that is necessary to give you the care you deserve.

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