Watch Out For Holiday Accidents

LA Health Solutions deals with patients that have suffered all types of injuries and understand that accidents can happen at any time. Whether you are on the job, an athlete, or just going about your daily routine: accidents can hurt more than just your body. The Holiday season is no different than any other time of the year. In fact, the number of injuries rises during this time of year and Holiday accidents are no fun!
Swimming Pool Accidents
The Holiday season is usually a time to think about snow and cold weather. However, many people travel out of the cold and go to tropical climates as a holiday getaway. Diving into a shallow body of water can cause serious or life-changing injuries, so it is important to monitor the signs before moving in. Illnesses can also arise if the water is unclean or not chemically balanced.
Food Poisoning
Undercooked food, reheated food, or washing vegetables in unclean water can lead to some terrible stomach illnesses. Food poisoning is a common cause of sickness during the Holiday season. Make sure when preparing food you are using meat thermometers and keeping a hygienic kitchen!
Road Accidents
Many people have to travel during the holidays and driving in unfamiliar territories can be dangerous. With the rise of texting and utilizing cell phones during long drives, the rate of car accidents has risen as well. Also, roadways are more congested and may be covered in sleet or snow which makes driving conditions frightening.
Skiing Accidents
Snow may seem pillowy and fluffy, but if you hit snow at high speed: it can be as hard as concrete. Incorrect training, poor equipment, and no knowledge of your slope can lead to serious injury and a slew of broken bones.
Sports Injuries
Many families like to toss the old pigskin around after eating a Holiday meal. Make sure that you are always careful when playing any sport. Wearing protective gear and being extremely cautious can prevent you from having a damper on your holiday fun.
LA Health Solutions knows that the Holidays are an exciting time for everyone and want to make sure that everyone has a safe and wonderful Christmas. Merry Christmas from all of us here at LA Health Solutions.