Stalled Or Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Workers' Compensation Denial or Delayed (Doctor Talking To Patient with X Ray of Neck and Spine)

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation is an insurance policy designed to protect both business owners and their employees. Through workers’ compensation, an employee who gets injured on the job can receive benefits to help cover expenses such as lost wages, medical costs, and more. Employers benefit from having comprehensive workers’ compensation coverage, because it can protect the business from having to cover those expenses out of pocket.

Reasons A Claim Might Be Denied Or Delayed

There are many reason why a Workers’ Compensation Claim is denied or delayed. The most common reasons for these delays are the following:

1. The injury was not reported in a timely manner.
2. The employee did not seek medical treatment right away.
3. The employee had a pre-existing condition.
4. There is a discrepancy between the accident report and the initial medical records.
5. The initial medical records indicate the presence of illegal drugs.
6. The workers’ compensation claim was filed after the employee was fired, laid-off or quit.
7. The injury was not work-related.
8. The claimant is not classified as an employee.
9. The Workers’ Compensation insurer is still processing the claim.
10. Delays in receiving appropriate forms, medical reports, and other discovery information.

Did you know that an employee has the right to select one doctor of his or her choice in each specialty field for treatment of the job-related injury? The employer or its workers’ compensation insurer is required to pay all approved necessary expenses for medical treatment and all reasonably and necessarily incurred travel to obtain treatment. 

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