Slip & Fall Recovery May Require Physical Therapy in New Orleans

Physical Therapy in New Orleans

Are you looking for Physical Therapy in New Orleans? One in three seniors will suffer a bad fall this year, resulting in cuts, bruises, hip fractures or even serious brain injuries that can be fatal. And even if the fall isn’t that bad, recovery may require physical therapy in New Orleans. Falls can be so frightening that seniors might even completely avoid some of their favorite activities because they fear they might fall.

Fall prevention might not be a very interesting subject, but it is important as you get older and health conditions and physical conditions make falls that much more likely. In fact, falls are the leading cause of injury in older adults, so it makes perfect sense to consider fall-prevention strategies.

Make a Few Appointments

You should begin your fall-prevention quest by setting appointments with your doctor and visiting your chiropractor.


One key benefit in chiropractic care is in the improvement of balance and coordination. Through chiropractic manipulation, a realigned spinal system takes pressure off nerves and improves neural communication which leads to increased coordination and balance.

Another common cause of falls is a decrease in range of motion and mobility. Through joint manipulation, chiropractors are able to improve joint range of motion, mobility and flexibility, which helps prevent falls in seniors.


Your doctor will likely ask you what medications you are taking, including both prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs. You doctor will review the medications you take to see if interaction or side effects might increase your risk of falling. Your doctor might even discuss taking you off certain medications that affect your thinking, like sedatives.

Your doctor will also ask about any times that you have taken a fall or were close to falling and the details surrounding the incidents. This helps in identifying fall-prevention strategies.

Stay Active

Physical activity will go a long way in fall prevention. Consider activities like walking, water workouts or other gentle exercises that involve slow movements. These activities reduce your risk of falls by improving coordination, flexibility and balance.

Good Shoes

Shoes with slick soles and floppy slippers can cause you to fall; so can walking in stocking feet. To decrease your chances of falling, wear shoes that properly fit, are sturdy and have non-skid soles.

Home Hazards

Take a good look around your home and look for ways in which you can make it safer. For example, you should remove electrical cords from areas you walk, secure loose rugs with double-faced tape and move items that magazine racks and coffee tables from high-traffic areas. You should also store dishes and other necessities where it is easily accessible. You should also use nonslip mats in your shower or bathtub and use a seat that enables you to sit while you shower.

Stay Lit

You should keep your home well-lit to avoid objects that are hard to see. Place night lights in hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms and have a lamp that you can reach from your bed. You might even want to consider illuminated light switches.