Minimally Invasive Pain Management for Bursitis & Beyond

Hut, Hut, Ouch!
It’s that time of year that Louisiana comes alive: Football Season. Football enthusiasts all across the state gather around their televisions, venture out to sports bars and even if you are not a sports person, it’s an excuse to eat your lots of good food and enjoy a beer.
Football players love their job for a good reason. They train year-round to maintain their strength, speed, and strategic thinking but unfortunately with Football comes a price: pain.
One of the most common injuries that athletes suffer from is Bursitis: an inflamed and swollen Bursa. Bursae are fluid-filled sacs or cavities positioned in joints throughout the body, including the shoulder. Their purpose is to make shoulder movement comfortable and to reduce friction in the joint.
Bursitis can develop as a result of a direct blow to a contact sport, or repeated long-term friction, such as throwing or lifting weights. In middle-aged and older athletes, bursitis could develop because of calcium deposits that form on the collarbone and irritate and intrude into the bursa sac. The risk increases for athletes who have a history of the condition have not trained properly and those who do not warm up properly.
Outside of professional athletes, a common practice for families and friends during tailgate parties is to toss the ole’ pigskin around, but beware: Just because you aren’t a professional athlete does not mean that you are immune. Warming up before any exercise and cooling down afterward is the most efficient way to avoid bursitis and other strains affecting the bones, muscles, and ligaments. Often, bursitis goes unnoticed because those affected brush off this pain is thinking that maybe it is just from overuse of their muscles or just simply growing older.
The main symptoms of bursitis include tenderness and soreness, swelling, inflammation, stiffness, redness, warming sensations, broken skin, malaise and can result in high fever and chills. LA Health Solutions has extensive experience in treating pain: especially bursitis. Our team of professionals has successfully helped patients with minimally invasive pain management so they can live a pain-free life. The only pain that anyone should feel during football season is the emotional pain of their favorite team losing.