Benefits of Zinc

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Benefits of Zinc For The Immune System

Benefits of ZincZinc is a nutrient found in the body that helps the immune system and metabolism function. Specifically, zinc is crucial for the normal function and development of cells. The benefits of zinc are important to wound healing and even the sense of taste and smell. It functions as an anti-oxidant and stabilizes membranes which further suggests that it has an impact in the prevention of free radical-induced injury during inflammatory processes.

Zinc In The Diet

Most people get enough zinc in their diets if they consume food with zinc like red meat, chicken, some vegetables, nuts,  whole grains and even dark chocolate. As a person gets older and the immune system becomes weaker, illnesses like colds are harder and slower to overcome. In order to ensure that the immune system is functioning well, it is important to get plenty of the trace mineral zinc. Zinc will help activate certain types of immune cells and it also keeps the immune system in balance to prevent inflammation that can accompany infection. Research has found that older adults are at an elevated risk of not getting enough of the essential nutrients in their diets.

Signs Of A Zinc Deficiency

The signs of a zinc deficiency include: reoccurring skin sores, hair loss, poor appetite, acne, dandruff, white spots in the fingernails, frequent infection and slow wound healing. However, just because some of these signs may be present, it does not mean you have a zinc deficiency. If you think you may have a zinc deficiency, it is important to consult your doctor or healthcare provider about the possibility of taking a supplement. 

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