In our last post, we gave you the many benefits of engaging in a team sport like softball or soccer. While we are quite sure this inspired many of you to sign up for a team sport, not all of you are able to play such games. Admittedly, team sports like soccer and softball can get quite physical and not all of you are able to play at such levels due to any number of reasons. Perhaps an old injury has slowed you down too much to play these team sports or you have other ailments that prevent you from running and jumping around on a baseball or soccer field.
That’s totally understandable. We deal with people battling injuries every day at our New Orleans physical therapy clinic. But this doesn’t mean you should just sit at home in front of the television leading a sedentary lifestyle, there are alternatives to soccer and softball; like bowling for example.
Bowling is a unique sport that blends competition with hobby, letting you have fun while reaping many benefits. This sport is a great way to incorporate a low-impact activity into your routine. Bowling is also great because it is inexpensive, requires no special gear and above all, it’s just plain fun. About 95 million people all over the world play and enjoy this sport, and here are the benefits they enjoy.

Excellent Exercise

Not only are you building muscles and burning calories while bowling, you are also stretching muscles and improving flexibility. Swinging your arm while cradling a heavy bowling ball is also good for ligaments, joints and tendons.

Weight Loss

Every time you roll that ball down the aisle, you are burning calories which helps you lose weight. Bowling three games offer the very same benefits as a workout done at the gym.

Relieve Stress

Stress is a part of everyday life. Bowling serves as a way to take our minds off of the things that are bothering us and engages us in social and physical activity. Just head over to your local bowling alley and see all the smiling faces and hear all of the laughter.

Social Benefits

Even though it may or may not be a team sport, bowling is a game you typically don’t play alone. Participating in a bowling league helps you discover friendships and build relationships. In fact, when you are playing in a league, you are garnering all of the benefits associated with playing on a team in other sports. You are part of a group sharing a common interest and a common goal, which creates a wonderful atmosphere.

Reduce Risk of Disease

Sitting around the house and watching television all day will only lead to health failures. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the risk factors for heart disease. Exercise, which includes bowling, lowers your risk of a heart attack, stroke and diabetes all while improving bone density, increasing circulation and lowering cholesterol levels.

All Ages

Because there is a low risk for injury, bowling is a sport that can be played by everyone from preschoolers to senior citizens.