If you have been following our recent posts, then you know we have been giving you ways in which you can stay healthy over the course of winter. Your Metairie physical therapy clinic has posted about the benefits of dance and other indoor exercises. We briefly touched upon the benefits of yoga, but there are a lot more to cover.
Most of us know that yoga increases flexibility, but the practice does so much more than just help you twist your body into a pretzel and find inner peace. The benefits of yoga will help you in every aspect of your life.

Better Sleep

Researchers, from Harvard no less, found that practicing yoga for eight weeks drastically improved sleep quality for those who suffered insomnia. Other studies support this and also find that people who participate in yoga feel less fatigued.
This happens, in part, because yoga is able to help people deal with their stress, it helps them to relax. The mental and breathing exercises allows the mind to slow down, so you start to experience better sleep at night.

Ease Migraines

There has been research that shows those who suffer migraines have fewer and less painful migraines after they have been practicing yoga for three months. The causes of migraines aren’t yet fully understood, but many experts believe it could be a combination of physical misalignments and metal stresses could be part of the problem.
That said, it then makes perfect sense that chiropractic care and yoga can help correct the physical and mental imbalances that can contribute to migraines and headaches.

Food Cravings

According to studies, there is a direct association between yoga and mindful eating and an awareness of what you are eating. Through breath awareness, yoga practice strengthens the connection between the body and the mind. Yoga breathing exercises can help you to slow down and make better food choices when you get hunger pains.

Weight Management

Many yoga practitioners from all over the world find that yoga helps support weight management and even weight loss. There are many yoga teachers who specialize in yoga programs that encourage weight management and find that yoga even helps support weight loss. In fact, you don’t have to practice the most physical forms of yoga in order to lose weight.
Yoga encourages the developing a positive image of yourself with attention focused on nutrition and the body as a whole.

Perfect Posture

Your head is like a big, round and heavy bowling ball. When it is balanced directly over the spine, it takes a lot less work to support it. But when your head tilts forward, you immediately start to put a strain on neck and shoulder muscles. If you hold your head in this position throughout your work day, it’s going to cause you some trouble.
In addition to chiropractic treatments, yoga helps perfect your posture. You will free yourself from the pain and fatigue and lessen your chances of suffering degenerative arthritis of the spine.