You might visit your pain management clinic in New Orleans because you suffered a sports injury. Sports injuries are quite common and there are hundreds of different kinds of injuries, but there are certain parts of the body more prone to injury than others. In fact, there are three categories of sports injuries that account for over 80 percent of all sports injuries.
Hundreds of thousands of Americans are involved in sports to some extent, whether playing competitively on a team or out in the backyard with their kids. Sports hold plenty of benefits, as we have pointed out in previous posts, but they can also cause injury. Some of the injuries in sports might even require surgery to repair. These injuries may occur on the field of play, but can also occur warming up. Many sports injuries are caused by poor training, bad techniques or improper equipment. Here is a list of a few common sports injuries.

Knee Injuries

Each year, over five million people seek the help of orthopedic surgeons for knee-related problems and injury. Some have minor knee problems like runner’s knee, which is a pain or tenderness near the front of the kneecap or a severe knee injury that involves torn or otherwise damaged ligaments or cartilage.


A dislocation occurs when force pushes the bones in a joint out of alignment. Dislocations are common in contact sports like football and hockey, but can also occur when falling or even when stretching. A dislocation will almost always require medical treatment and should be treated as an emergency.

Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains are very common types of sports-related injuries. A sprain happens when a ligament overstretches or tears. Sprains can range from mild to major when the ligament is completely severed. The most common areas where sprains occur are in the wrists, knees and ankles.
A strain is basically a pulled muscle and happens when a muscle or tendon is stretched too far. As with sprains, strains can range from minor to severe.


A concussion is an injury to the brain usually caused by a blow to the head. Symptoms of a concussion include vision disturbance, loss of balance, headache, dizziness, nausea and difficulty concentrating. You don’t have to necessarily lose consciousness to suffer a concussion.
Concussions are much more common in contact sports like football and hockey, but can occur in gymnastics or while skiing. You can expect to return to normal a few weeks or months after suffering a concussion, however, multiple concussions can lead to permanent damage.

Back Pain

Your chiropractor is very familiar with this type of injury. Lowe back pain is actually a lot less common among active people and athletes than among those who lead sedentary lives and are overweight. Back pain affects all types of athletes including golfers, runners and even tennis players. There are several types of back pain, back spasms and bulging discs are just a couple. Improper stretching is one of the most common reasons for sports-related back pain.