As children and teens, many of you had the experience of participating in recreational sports. Whether you played a team sport like soccer or baseball or were involved in a dance class or gymnastics, they were a good place to make friends, get you moving and helped foster a cooperative and competitive spirit. But what happened when you grew up and became an adult? As adults, many of you don’t consider sports a hobby worth engaging. All the excuses are there; too many hours spent at work, family obligations and there just isn’t enough time in the day, we have heard them all. You may even reject sports because you are afraid of getting injured and having to visit your chiropractor in New Orleans.
However, there are multiple benefits in engaging in recreational sports for adults, just as there are for children and teens. In fact, it is much more likely that you are in need of more physical activity than your kids. If you remain unconvinced, here are a few rewards that come with playing recreational sports as an adult.

Desire to Become More Fit

You signed up for adult softball only to discover you have a pretty mean swing with the bat. You can hit the ball long and hard, but it takes you awhile to round the bases and it leaves you out of breath. Now, you thought you were pretty fit in the first place, so this comes as a mild surprise to you. You want to get the most from the sport so you are inspired to exercise more so you can perform at peak level. And in increasing your physical activity, you become a better player and better team member as well.

Meet New People

You can meet new people at work, church or even at a coffee shop, but there is just no better camaraderie than when you make friends with teammates. You bond with your newfound friends during the game and after the game when you all meet up for a bite to eat and a few beers after the game.

Brain Boost

When you spend an hour on the treadmill, the focus is on you. But all of that changes when you are part of a team. A huge mental shift occurs when you go from focusing on yourself as an individual to being a member of a team.
In team sports, every member of the team is expected to give their personal best. The goal, however, is a shared one, whether you are trying to get a runner from third base to home for the win or just getting yourself on base for a potential score.
Team games are head games and you will be forced to have to think. In fast moving sports like soccer, you are continually creating and implementing strategies as the game progresses. Focus and quick thinking are also called for when you have to communicate with your teammates in the midst of a play. You also need to play smart facing the opposing team by not letting them sense frustration.
As a member of a sports team, you get to share in the thrill of victory and agony of defeat as a group.