Millions of Americans start to feel stiffness and pain in their bodies as they age and sometimes knees and hands get sore, become swollen and moving them is difficult. This might be because they are suffering from arthritis.
Pain is the way your body tells you that something is not right. Most types of arthritis cause pain in your joints, so you might have some trouble moving around. In time, arthritis can cause damage to your joints, skin and even your internal organs. There are some things you can do to minimize damage, they include keeping your weight down, getting plenty of exercise and visiting your New Orleans chiropractor to help reduce pain and stiffness.

About Arthritis

Over 52 million Americans, roughly 22 percent of the population, have some form of arthritis. Due to the fact that people in the United States are living longer, the prevalence of arthritis is expected to increase. It is estimated that by the year 2030, 25 percent of the population, over 67 million people, will suffer some form of arthritis.
Arthritis is much more prevalent in older Americans and 60 percent of all arthritis cases are women. Nearly 300,000 children suffer from some form of arthritis, which represents about 1 in every 250 children.      

Impact Arthritis Has

Arthritis has a significant impact on people. For example, over 40 percent of those who suffer arthritis report limitations in their day-to-day activities. Many of these people report they are unable to do at least one important daily function. Of working age adults, over 30 percent who have arthritis report limitations at work. Nearly eight million adults with arthritis report severe limitations in their ability to bend, stoop, kneel and many cannot walk 1/4 mile.  

Risk Factors

Certain factors have been shown to be associated with an increased risk of arthritis.
Genetic– There are specific genes that have been associated with a higher risk of arthritis.
Gender– There are certain types of arthritis that are more common in women.
Age– As you age, you are at higher risk of developing most types of arthritis.
Injuries– Damage to joints is a contributing factor in the development of arthritis.
Infection– There are numerous microbial agents that can infect your joints and may cause the development of arthritis.
Obesity– Excess weight can contribute to the onset of arthritis.
Occupation– Occupations that involve repetitive motion are associated with the development of arthritis. 

Unexpected Risk Factors

There are also unexpected risk factors tied to the development of arthritis.
High Heels– When women wear high heels, they increase pressure across their knees and could increase the risk of arthritis.
Texting– While all data isn’t in yet, the habit of texting could put you at risk of developing arthritis in your hand.
Broken Bones– Broken bones increase the risk of arthritis.

Signs of Arthritis

Just as the causes of arthritis vary widely, so do the signs and symptoms of this condition. Arthritis symptoms can develop at a gradual rate over time or can come on quite suddenly and unexpectedly. And since arthritis is a chronic disease, symptoms might come and go or persist over time.
Pain– The pain you suffer from arthritis might come and go or it can be constant. The pain might be isolated to one place or it might be felt in multiple parts of the body.
Swelling– There are some types of arthritis that can cause the skin to become swollen and red and may even feel warm to the touch.
Stiffness– Stiffness is a typical symptom of arthritis. The stiffness you suffer can be increased upon waking in the morning or after sitting for a period of time.
Arthritis cannot be cured, but the process can be stopped. Give us a call today.