Whether you play for a softball team or go bowling on occasion, injuries can keep you out of the game. From shoulder pain to a stiff back, from children to senior citizens, sports injury is a hot topic. By properly warming up, practicing safe movements and a few other precautions, you can reduce your chance of injury. This is important because some sports injuries can lead to chronic pain conditions that can last a lifetime. Here are a few tips that will keep you out of your chiropractor office in New Orleans and on the field.

Don’t Push Yourself

In an effort to make that grand play, you might find yourself pushing your body well beyond its limitations. Now, if you are a seasoned athlete who practices every day, this might not pose a problem. But if you lead a sedentary lifestyle most of the time and occasional go to the gym for some pick-up basketball, you need to watch yourself.
We realize it can be difficult to hold back in the heat of the moment, especially if you are competitive, but try to work up to those slam dunks instead of jumping right in. Work on building stamina and strength and train as much as you can before committing to a move that could send you to the hospital.

Proper Equipment

You don’t see professional athletes wearing cleats while playing basketball or using a magazine-stuffed coat as a chest protector. If you play sports, you want the proper shoes for what you play. For example, cleats are appropriate for football played on grass and will help keep you from slipping and possibly hurting yourself.
If you are going to play a contact sport, get the right equipment. If you play hockey, shin pads and a helmet are a must. Minimize your chances of injury by using proper equipment.

Watch for Others

Some rules are about protecting yourself and being courteous to others. For example, never fling the bat after you get a hit playing softball. Likewise, you should check the pool for others before attempting your triple twist, somersault dive.

Inspect Playing Areas

While professional athletes play on surfaces cared for by professionals, the field to choose to play a pickup game of soccer might be littered with things that can hurt you. Take the time to inspect the area in which you are playing for holes, glass and anything else that would be considered a hazard.

Warm Up

It is not a very good idea just to storm the field and start playing. In fact, it’s not a good idea to even start stretching until you have warmed up. So take a light jog, get stretched out and loosened up before you play.

Know the Rules

Just as traffic lights help prevent collisions, rules are made to help protect athletes. When players follow the rules of the game, fewer injuries occur. The game is much safer when all of the players on both teams know what to expect from one another.