One of the biggest misconceptions people have about prescription pain medications is that any risks associated with them apply to other people and not themselves. However, the typical victim of an overdose or other danger is a person who was prescribed the drug and was taking it in low doses.
Used properly, pain medications do a good job in easing severe, short-term pain from, say a broken bone or after a surgery and they fare well managing chronic pain in some instances. But when people misuse the drugs, take them in too high a dose, take them for too long or combine them with other drugs or alcohol, they can run into some major health issues and other problems.
In a perfect world, we would be prescribed pain medication for short-term use, the pain would subside and we would roll merrily along with our lives. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Chronic pain exists for many people and they seek solutions. Which is why they seek pain management in New Orleans. If you think pain medications are a healthy approach to pain management, educate yourself on the myths of painkillers.

They Work Better When You Take More

In the short term, two pain pills may work better than one in relieving pain, but in the long run, more does not add up to better. Research shows that chronic use of painkillers sensitizes the nervous system and changes the way your brain interprets pain signals. Basically, when you take large doses of painkillers over a period of time, your pain may actually increase.

If You Take Pain Medication Per Instructions, You Will Not Become Addicted

Even when you take prescription medication for legitimate reasons and closely follow the instructions, you still run the risk of addiction. Becoming addicted to pain medications has nothing to do with your moral character, it has everything to do with the addictive nature of painkillers.

There are No Consequences in Taking Painkiller for a Long Time

When you take prescription pain medications for extended periods of time, it can throw your hormones out of whack, harm your endocrine system and even negatively affect your libido. There are also a lot of other bad things that can happen.

Pain Meds Will Fix Your Pain

Simply put; pain medications will not fix your pain. Painkillers simply mask your symptoms and do not at all treat the root cause of your pain. If the root cause of your pain is not treated, you will suffer chronic pain and have to make the choice of prolonged use of pain medications or resolving the root cause.

Avoiding Pain Medications

Now, this is not to say painkillers don’t have a legitimate place in healthcare, not at all. Even though there is a lot of scary information about painkillers, they have great uses. For example, they are good for treating pain from acute injuries. You just need to approach the use of painkillers with great care.