There are any number of reasons you wish to see a chiropractor in New Orleans. For example, you could have recently been in an automobile accident or you just need a routine adjustment. You might also seek the services of a chiropractor if you have suffered a sports-related injury.
Participating in sports or other recreational activities are as fun as they are good for you. But you must be careful as many of these activities can be dangerous. You can suffer an injury if you use equipment improperly, overtrain and fail to warm up before an activity. Ligament tears, muscle sprains and broken bones are just a few common injuries people suffer when they engage in sports. Many of these injuries require physical therapy or pain management for proper healing.
Let’s take a closer look at the most common sports injuries suffered by children and adults.


For children between the ages of five and nine, recess is probably the best time of the school day. It is also the time when injuries happen most. For this age group, playground injuries are the top reason for emergency room visits and nearly half of those visits are for a severe injury. Most of the severe injuries happen at school playgrounds and include concussions, internal injuries and even amputations. It is extremely important that you teach kids about safety when playing on a playground.

Team Sports

For kids between the ages of six and 19, sports-related injuries account for around 20 percent of all emergency room visits. Children and teens who participate in team sports are likely to suffer from sprains, concussions and bone fractures. Over 1.3 million children and teens are treated each year for sports-related injuries. Talk to your kids and their coaches about ways in which injuries can be prevented. The first thing on your list should be using the proper sports gear.

Bike Injuries

Children and adults between the ages of 5 and 24 have the highest rates of bike injuries. In fact, this age group accounts for about 60 percent of all bike-related injuries in the United States. Regardless of age, all cyclists need to wear helmets every time they go for a ride.

Adult Sports

Men and women between the ages of 25 and 40 are most likely to suffer an injury while riding their bike, playing pick-up basketball or playing in a softball tournament.