There are a variety of injuries and illnesses that can cause damage to your body and impede movement or reduce your physical health in general. The branch of healthcare that focuses on rehabilitation is physical medicine and even more specifically, physical therapy. Physical therapy in New Orleans is popular among those who have suffered and injury. If you engage in sporting activities, physical therapy can be a huge benefit. Here are a few conditions that would benefit from physical therapy.

Torn Tendons and Ligaments

Torn tendons and ligaments are fairly common in a lot of sports, but you see them more often in football and basketball. In many cases surgery is needed to repair the tear, then months of physical therapy to recondition the damaged tissue, increase range of motion and strengthen.

Broken Bones

Whatever sport you paly, there is a chance you could suffer a broken bone. From full-contact football to simply hiking, people have suffered a broken bone and put into a cast to heal. During the time the break was immobilized, the muscles in the area weakened. Physical therapy is utilized to help the surrounding muscle tissue become strong again.


If you have ever suffered a dislocated shoulder or hip, you know just how painful it can be. You might also know that once you have suffered a dislocation, another dislocation in the same area becomes more probable. And although it is easy enough to pop your shoulder back into place, without physical therapy the area will continue to weaken. Physical therapy strengthens the area and reduces the chances of another dislocation.


You can suffer a sprain doing almost anything, you don’t even have to be playing in a sport. Sprained wrists, ankles and knees are everyday occurrences and can happen when you least expect them to, like when you are crossing the street or simply walking your dog. In fact, people have sprained their thumbs texting and playing video games.
You will need to rest the injured area if you expect the sprain to properly heal. But in doing so, you leave the area that was sprained weak and prone to further injury. Physical therapy can rebuild the injury site and strengthen it to help protect from future damage.


If you think that arthritis is not a sports injury, you would be wrong. There are literally thousands of former athletes who have to deal with arthritis. There are any number of reasons they suffer arthritis, but mostly from repetitive motion like swinging a bat or throwing a ball.
With more and more people engaging in physical activities to stay healthy, these types of injuries have been on the rise. It is important that when you suffer a broken bone, torn tendon or even a simple sprain that you utilize physical therapy and recover from your injury completely.
Whether you are a professional basketball player, weekend softball player or like to ride your bike and hike, minimize your risk of suffering a recurring injury through physical therapy.