Back pain can come on quite suddenly and last less than six weeks and may have been caused by a fall or lifting something heavy. This is called acute back pain and is rather common. Chronic back pain is less common and is characterized as back pain that lasts longer than three months. Chiropractic care or physical therapy in New Orleans helps with chronic back pain.
Your back pain might include stiffness and general discomfort or it could be an excruciating pain with incapacitating muscle spasms. If you are suffering back pain, you are not alone. In fact, it is the number one cause of disability and accounts for nearly 33 percent of all work-related disability cases. This is of little surprise if you understand the complexity of the spine. You see, practically all bodily movements involve the spine and depending on the activity, there are plenty of opportunities for general wear and tear and sudden injuries.
Unfortunately, we don’t have a manual we can check to see what type of back injury that occurred, so it is hard to know what went wrong when the back pain started. Here are a few common causes of back pain.

Poor Posture

Stop for a moment and take note of the way you are sitting right now. Is it with good posture? Being reminded to stand or sit a certain way has been annoying all your life, that is, until you start to experience back pain. The reality of it is that standing or sitting in poor positions over a period of time can lead to back pain. We aren’t talking about slouching in a chair for years, it only takes a few weeks of a bad habit to cause pain. 


If you have been hurt while playing a sport or have recently been ion a car accident, it might be simple enough to identify when the pain in your back started. Traumatic back injuries often involve sudden movements or impacts that damage joints and tear muscles. The specific cause of your back pain will vary, so it is important to understand what happened if you wish a proper recovery.

Poor Habits

Even if you practice proper posture and don’t slouch in your chair at work, you might still have poor habits that can hurt your back. For example, you might not pick up objects properly. Even picking up light objects can put stress on your spine if you are doing it wrong. Always try to maintain a stable position when you lift something, lift with your knees and avoid twisting.

Cumulative Wear

Like any piece of machinery, our bodies aren’t meant to last forever. The back pain that you suffer just might be the result of cumulative wear. There are issues that factor in to wear and tear that are in your control, however. For example, overweight people tend to suffer wear and tear earlier than those who maintain a healthy body weight.