There is nothing like a trip to the emergency room followed up by physical therapy at your New Orleans Chiropractic clinic to put a damper on your holiday spirits. And if you don’t think something like that could happen to you, you are in for a very big surprise. Some 15,000 people wind up in the emergency room every year due to injuries sustained from holiday activities and tasks. Some mishaps prove to be serious, some can even be deadly.
The good news is with a little insight as to the types of common injuries that occur during the holiday season, you can take extra care when you decorate your Christmas tree or hang lights from your house.

Falling Accidents

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that nearly 6,000 Americans are treated each year for injuries sustained from a fall. When stringing lights around your home or placing the star on top of the tree, use a ladder and not furniture that happens to be handy. If you are decorating the outside of your house, make sure you are aware of any icy spots that could cause trouble. You also want to make sure your ladder is always on a stable and level surface. And there is no shame in asking somebody to hold the ladder steady.


Another common holiday injury involves electrical shock. In fact, the CDC says over 5,000 people are treated for electric shock during the holidays. For those who think an electric shock is just a painful jolt, electric current can cause burns, muscle destruction and cardiac arrest.
emergency-side-page-content-image-12-29-16Based on statistics, more than 20 percent of Americans go to bed each night failing to turn off holiday decorations. This is not recommended as it could result in an unwanted accident.
To avoid electrical mishaps, make sure you use authentic extension cords that are in good condition, and don;t overload your electrical sockets. It is recommended that you buy LED holiday lights as they use less heat and last longer as well. You want to also make sure you aren’t hanging holiday lights in wet conditions. Never use electric lights on a metallic tree.


Though it may sound rather silly, there are plenty of package-related injuries that occur during the holidays. In fact, over 6,000 people are treated each year for lacerations from Christmas gifts.
The best way to avoid a nasty cut is to remain calm and slowly open your presents. Don’t let a cut ruin an otherwise perfect holiday.

Car Accidents

Sadly, the holiday season is the time when the most vehicle fatalities occur. The holiday season is when there are more drivers on the road and more drivers on the road who have been drinking. Other factors that contribute to accidents are weather conditions, road conditions and darkness.
First of all, never drink and drive, it is best to ask friends or family members for a ride. If you have been drinking, call a cab or take a bus, but do whatever is necessary to stay out from behind the wheel.
Be safe this holiday season!