If the biggest complaints you have about your job consist of annoying co-workers, slow computers and a jammed printer, then consider yourself pretty lucky. There are thousands of people in the workforce who are injured and sometimes even killed because of the dangers involved in their jobs. Some of the most vital careers in maintaining the very fabric of American society are also the most dangerous.
Take, for example, a firefighter who willingly sacrifices his or her safety for the well-being of others. Not all the jobs on the dangerous jobs list are obvious. For example, veterinarians make the cut because animals can be unpredictable and dangerous. Your veterinarian doesn’t spend all day treating kittens and puppies, large animals like horses and bulls need veterinarian care as well.
Here is a list of jobs that are quite dangerous. In fact, you might know somebody who has been hurt on the job and are being treated with physical therapy at their New Orleans health clinic.

Construction Worker

Construction workers perform tasks that may require power tools of all types. We aren’t just talking drills and belt sanders, they use cement mixers, earth tampers and mechanical hoists as well, all dangerous equipment. Construction workers also work high up above the ground on scaffolding and in deep trenches.

Corrections Officer

Guards at penitentiaries and other rehabilitative institutions work around dangerous people on a daily basis. Their injury rate is more than 35 times higher than the typical American worker.

Emergency Medical Technician

EMTs are among the first responders to emergency situations and often require care themselves after doing their job. According to studies, the EMT rate of injury is three times the national average. Among other hazards, assault is one they have to contend with.   


City dwellers might think being a farmer is a rather benign occupation, but that’s just not the case. Farmers work with dangerous equipment all of the time. 

Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistants are very low on the pay scale yet very high on the list of dangerous jobs. Besides back injuries from transporting patients, nursing assistants suffer scratches, bruising and human bites. 

Police Officers

Police officers have one of the highest rates of injuries of all the professions in the United States. Police officers suffer over 50,000 assaults per year and many of those lead to injuries.

Taxi Driver

Taxi drivers suffer from a long list of job-related issues including accidents and robberies.