Whether it happens at a construction site or in an office, there is a range of common accidents and injuries that occur at the workplace. These accidents affect not only the worker but their family as well. Serious workplace injuries remain far too common, killing over 4,000 people a year. Over 3 million American workers will suffer a workplace injury this year that will require a long recovery that may include pain management in New Orleans.
The most common injuries that occur on the job are random incidents that can happen to almost anyone. Here is a list of the most common worker’s compensation injuries.


Attacks caused by arguments or office politics can lead to very serious injuries. Employee training and looking out for suspicious activity will help in keeping these instances down.

Repetitive Motion

Repetitive motion injuries are tissue injuries that occur as the result of motions that are repeated over and over. These are one of the most common workplace injuries and are made worse by the strains of daily living. Simple activities such as scrubbing a floor or typing on a computer keyboard can lead to this condition.
The most common types of repetitive motion injuries include bursitis, tendonitis and bursae. These injuries develop because microscopic tears in the tissue cannot be repaired as fast as they are being made.


A momentary lapse of inattention or a distraction caused by an activity are two reasons people suffer falls at work. Other types of falls include tripping over an uneven surface, stumbling down the stairs and slipping on ice, all of which can result in anything from bruising to extremely serious injury.

Falling Objects

Even from a low height, an object that falls can cause significant damage. Any type of equipment or object that is placed at height can pose a risk to anybody passing below it. A two-ounce pen dropped from 230 feet holds the potential to penetrate a hardhat.

Bodily Reaction

This is a type of injury that occurs when you slip or trip, but never actually fall, it is the reaction of your body preventing the fall that causes the injury.

Striking an Object

This type of injury occurs when a worker runs into a table, door or other concrete objects.


Machinery can be incredibly dangerous, especially without proper knowledge and precautions used.


The type of injury relates to lifting, pulling, carrying and throwing and is a very common workplace injury.