It’s time to make your resolutions and hope that you can stick to them once again. Many times, we make resolutions and leave them behind for a few months into the new year only to fall into the same traps. Most people make resolutions to become healthier and happier versions of themselves. Unfortunately, we all have a terrible of habit of setting unrealistic goals for ourselves and crashing when it is too difficult. Here are some resolutions to achieve the health and happiness that you seek without caving in.
Eat More
For those of us watching our weight, this sounds scary. It’s all about what types of food that you are eating instead of the amount. Fitting in more probiotic foods such as miso, apple cider vinegar and yogurt improves your moods and cuts cravings. If you do not want to cut out your guilty pleasures, don’t try eliminating them. For example, if you love steak try having it once a month rather than once a week. Enjoying your cravings once in a while will make staying on track easier.
Go to Sleep Earlier
Getting 8 hours of sleep sounds easy, but most people only get about 5-6 hours a night in. Telling yourself to go to bed 15 minutes earlier than your usual bedtime and making it earlier and earlier will get your body into the routine of gaining more sleep. Starting out with the 15-minute rule will gradually increase to 2 hours earlier over time.
Clean your Mind Daily
Instead of telling yourself that you will be more organized this year, try organizing your mind first. People that are stressed, hurried, anxious, or depressed very rarely have a clean environment. Mindfulness will help center you. Researchers found 30 minutes of meditation every day improved symptoms of depression and anxiety in participants after eight weeks.
Walk More
Instead of worrying about working out during the week, accumulate more steps in your daily life. This can start with baby steps like parking further away from your destination on purpose to walk for a longer distance or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. 500 steps for five days will lead to significant changes. Try scheduling breaks throughout the day to stroll a block or two, and this will help you focus on your overall wellness. Also, try thinking about achieving wellness rather than losing weight.
Define Every Day
Pick a new word to live by each month like “friendly” or “charming” and apply it to your daily actions. If your word is friends, introduce yourself to a new neighbor or try to be open with a complete stranger. It’s easy to move through the motions of life and forget the purpose of our lives. Take actions daily that are aligned with your health and happiness. Setting a word for your month will help you achieve this goal easily.
Quit Smoking and Drink Less
Smoking and drinking increase your risk for diseases such as heart disease or cancer. For extra motivation, pick a splurge item once a month that you can only spend with the money that you usually would spend on cigarettes or alcohol. Tape a photo of your goal item where you can see it often for more motivation.
Keep a Journal
Instead of writing down “be happier” as your resolution, write down what you are thankful for every morning. No matter how challenging life is, there is something that you have every day to be thankful for. Research has shown that those who regularly journal sleep better, work out more, and visit the doctor less. If keeping up with a journal is too hard for you, try the many apps that are available for documentation purposes.
Here at LA Health Solutions, we want everyone to live the happiest and healthiest life they can. We hope that everyone has a Happy and Healthy New Year and follow through with their resolutions. Happy New Year from all of us at LA Health Solutions.