Over 12,500 people suffer from workplace injuries in the United States every day. While this number is extremely unsettling, it mostly shows that a workplace injury could happen to anyone at any time.
When it comes to the average 9-5 job, the most common workplace injuries include:
Injuries from overexertion occur mainly from carrying, pulling, lifting, and throwing heavy objects. While this is less noticeable than other workplace injuries, overexertion can lead to a gradual depreciation of the body. This also includes any overdone, repetitive motions.
Slips And Falls
Slipping or falling are understandably common occurrences in any field and can cause a variety of injuries depending on the height of the fall and the condition of the worker.
In occupations with large machinery, there are increased odds of being struck or walking into an object and suffering an injury. While some can attribute these incidents to accidents, there can be further implications if the object falls from above or was improperly monitored or secured.
Roadway Incidents
Many jobs requiring driving some form of vehicle whether for regular transportation or delivery and roadways offer their own set of dangers. If someone is driving a company vehicle for a work-related purpose, an accident on the road can be considered a workplace injury even if it is outside an office.
Machine Compression
Like collisions, this incident comes as the result of working with heavy machinery that places a level of risk against the user. Unfortunately, that includes the risk of being crushed or worse while at work.
Workplace Violence
When arguments escalate into physical violence, innocent people can sometimes get caught in the middle. For those people outside of the argument but injured anyway, this can be particularly distressing.
The first thing you should do if you get in any accident at work is tell your supervisor and make sure they file an accident report. Next, you should go see a doctor. If you were, in fact, injured, you need to report the injury to your employer. Make sure to have the doctor bill the company for medical care if the injury comes because of your work. If you have to miss work because of your injury, your employer may also be required to compensate you or your family for your missed work. If you suffer from a workplace injury and do not feel you are getting the compensation you deserve, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer to discuss your options.